Any information on what meat to feed when feeding raw to a dog?
2010-10-14 18:21:42 UTC
Is this menu alright?
Monday- Chicken carcass
Tuesday- Duck carcass
Wednesday- oxtail
Thursday- Turkey neck, egg and liver
Friday- Chicken carcass
Saturday- Trout
Sunday- Cow's lung
Monday- Chicken carcass
Tuesday- Oxtail
Wednesday- Salmon and egg
Thursday- Liver
Friday- Chicken carcass
Saturday- Chicken and Turkey necks
Sunday- Beef tongue, egg and liver
Also, is it alright if I just feed chicken, fish and egg. I am also comfortable serving most Beef. Or should I add variety.
Is this menu also okay?
M- Chicken carcass & egg
T- Chicken and Turkey necks
W- Beef liver & egg
T- Salmon & egg
F- Chicken carcass
S- Lamb neck & egg
S- Oxtail & sardines
M- Chicken carcass and sardines (leftovers)
T- cooked ham, egg and beef kidney
W- Chicken carcass
T- Beef liver & oxtail
F- Turkey necks and egg
S- Chicken carcass and egg.

He doesn't eat too much... he's 45 lbs and gets about 1 hour of exercise a day or more. He gets dog kibble, fruits and vegetables as snacks/treats.
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2010-10-14 18:54:11 UTC
Way Too much bone as said already honestly you could cut out even half the bone you feed and it would still be high enough...and be sure liver is 5% and kidneys or any other organ (besides lung, heart, and tripe) are 5%.

Ham has very high sodium and nitrates so I would skip ham.

And if I can make a suggestion, you have really fatty meals together and really boney meals together..try to mix them up? Like...instead of tongue and liver, feed tongue with chicken necks, and liver with oxtails. And not liver as one big meal. It would be easier on his GI.

here is a better idea for a menu:

There is a lot of MISinformation about raw diets, so please feel free to join this group for your resources and help:
Unpredictable Irresistible Mutts
2010-10-14 18:35:22 UTC
Looks good, however it looks to contain a much higher percentage of bone than 10%. Cut back on some of the oxtail and chicken, and replace with some boneless meals.

No need for the pork to be cooked, unless you source it from questionable sources (even then, you can just freeze it for a week or so). Human grade pork is just as good as any other meat.
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2010-10-15 08:36:36 UTC
All the answers have some facts that you can carry away. I would be vary careful with the pork , pork is one of those that has a chance for worms and other parasites that are harmful. Salmon is great but try to de-bone. When feeding a raw diet you should try to stick to wild game meats as much as possible turkey chicken , Rabbit is great if you know some one who hunts they could help you out big time with some scraps. Deer is very lean . Try to stick to very lean meat if you are feeding duck or goose try to skin it and remove excess fat. You should always limit the fat and bone. My dog really likes the fat but what I do is cook her up some rice and put some of the fat in while cooking and this has worked well. Liver is one thing you should stay away from. It's great if it was wild game but domestic cattle are injected with hormones and other bad stuff that is not suitable for your dog. If you can get deer liver or any organic livers they would be ok just watch out for any thing that is not organic.
2010-10-16 02:23:03 UTC
No need for the kibble or silly fruits and veggies which he won't digest anyway...other than that it looks fine. It is a tad high in bone but I feed a lot of necks and backs myself...JUST be warned that if you feed too much your dog's droppings will be VERY dry and crumbly and he may have issues with constipation.
2010-10-14 19:03:06 UTC
To feed your dog a raw diet that gives him *adequate* nutrition, you should know that it takes more than meat, poultry and eggs. You really NEED to read some information from the man who came up with the whole idea of feeding dogs raw diets, Dr. Billinghurst, an Australian veterinarian. He originally called it the Bones And Raw Foods Diet, or BARF for short, and later decided that a more accurate name would be Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF again). PLEASE go to the BARF website. There is a lot of good information there you *NEED* to know before you start feeding your dog a raw foods diet.

I don't recall if fish bones are ever safe for dogs but I do know that raw pork is a definite NO (and so do you, because it's not on your list). Your dog also needs some vegetables and some fruit, if you hope to meet his basic nutritional NEEDS. Dr. Billinghurst wrote a book (or two) on the BARF diet, explaining which fruits and vegetables are important for dogs,and giving combinations of meals for a week or two that will meet your dog's nutritional needs. Your food list above is impressive but your dog will be malnourished if that is all he gets. Please go to the BARF website and think hard about getting the book. I can see that you are concerned about your dog's health and want to feed him a better diet but you have to do it right or you will not be doing him any favors, long term... and it will be Back to the Vet time!
2010-10-14 18:32:45 UTC
Are you kidding? Your dogs eat better than I do.

I feed my dogs on organic beef, & vegetables.

Supplement with some dry food.

No problems, no vets, no chemicals, no sick dogs.

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