Where did you get your dog and why?
2007-10-03 11:45:03 UTC
What breed is it?
Whats its name and why do you call them that?
What a good story about your dog?
27 answers:
Future Vet
2007-10-03 20:18:56 UTC
here are my two dogs:

Mona: golden retriever, female, 5 years old, sometimes, we call her "Moner," or "Monster!" We found her in the newspaper. We adopted her from a family that was having a kinda hard time with life, and, I believe that they were moving, too!

Maggie: Lhasa Opsa, 7 years old, female, sometimes we call her "Magpie," "Magster," and "Monkey!" We adopted her from a breeder (i know, it's sad, but, read on!) who mistreated ALL of her dogs! Maggie is a dog that has an underbite (do to over breeding :( ) but, really, she is the best dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is MONA!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the great question! Thanks again,

~ Future Vet
rescue member
2007-10-03 12:05:50 UTC
I have 6 dachshund - all but one rescues.

I bought the first one because I was clueless as to all the perfectly wonderful pedigree dachshund needing good homes.

Once I realized that, I started to rescue dachshund, not pay some breeder to breed more just for money.

Now I have 4 of my own and 2 fosters - it is very rewarding to make a difference in a dog's life and to give it another chance at a good home.

Think about it folks - any breed has a rescue, just go online and do a search for whatever breed, or mix, you would like to help.

You will know what you are getting, no suprises when that "mini" ends up twice the weight the breeder told you he would be, the dog will be healthy, not some breeder's disaster, and will love you unconditionally for saving it.
2007-10-03 12:22:01 UTC
From Rescue - because there are already too many dogs out there that need good homes and I could never buy either from a store or a breeder when there are so many that need to be saved. Dachshund (weiner-dog!) of course. Charlie, its the name he came with and I just kept it. Lots of good stories but the best story is the one where he is alive and well and happy because of rescue instead of being euthanized when his former family decided they didn't have time for him anymore.
2007-10-03 12:13:36 UTC
Bear - SOmeone found him nursed him when he got to be 5-6 months he was too much for them. I named him bear because he growls all the time like on the movie the bear.

Mack - Same deal didn't want him by the time he was 5-6 months. His name is Mack because he was going to be the Mack Dady of the house. 60lb dog for a second dog was big. (Taint nothin anymore)

Cubby - I foster a litter of 10 Cheasepeakes and one day another volunteer went out to this shelter and their were two that looked just like my litter. She grabbed those to shove off on me and 8 others. Cubby's brother was adopted but on sunday at 11 at night I was at the emergency vet with the nastiest case of Parvo I have ever seen. If a dog won;t eat a hamburger GO TO THE VET!! Well once he was all better I had also rescued a pit bull his age. They were best friends. Well when it came time someone wanted to adopt him another volunteers mom drove me home to get him. I wasn't taking him I nursed the crap out of himhe was my baby. Well we got to adoptions and my daughter hid him in the bathroom. Here is his picture that day:

He was mine. And bear was already taken.

Lillie I rescued both her and her sister from a shelter in KY because of the puppymill raid. The shelter had to keep all the dogs from the puppymill for court but they were euthaizing the other 60. we took 40 that night and continued taking their owner give up till they got settled. Well both dogs were complete goofs un socialized and I felt Lillie was holding her sister back so I held lillie back. SHe loved a crate and just hiding out and that is what she does still. I never pushed her just let her live there. And every bad thing she does is my fault I never pushed too many others to work with that needed homes.

Bessie: A shelter 200 miles away from me asked for me to help. She was found as a stray with heartworm. She hates other animals and is a big bully she is ancient old barely amde it through treatment. They think she had been hit by a car and her life expectancy was at 6 months. Its been almost 3 years and she is still a kicking (every new foster) She just seemed like a big country bessie so that's how she got her name but everyone calls her betsy and she accepts it. She is my newfie an old coot.

Do you want to know about cats and rabbits and the gecko and anything else?
Ipek K
2007-10-03 12:23:53 UTC
I have three Dachshunds : Brook, Brandy and Misha.

Brook -16 yo- was my sisters dog at the beginning. When she got married they found out that her husband had allergies so I took her.

Brandy -12 yo- is the adopted daughter of Brook- ok, ok, I adopted Brandy for her :)- Brook lost both her puppies at birth and she was suffering. She raised Brandy as if her own.

Misha -12 yo-is actually Brandy's sister from the same litter but adopted by a friend of mine. Well, guess what? My friends second husband got allergies too and who would want a 6 years old Dachshund with a bad back ; half paralyzed despite several operations?

Me, of course :)

That is where and why I got my dogs and Brook was already named. I named one Brandy because I like brandy as a drink and she is brandy color. I named Misha after the ballet Michael Baryshnikov because I admire him. Misha is a female but , oh well ...:)

A good story.. hmm.. Brandy attacked a Great Dane in order to protect me- did I mention that she thinks she is a Pittbull? :) - Thank God, I caught her before the Dane didn't even notice what that little mouse is trying to do to her :)
The Babe is Armed!
2007-10-04 04:19:44 UTC
Gloria was picked up on the roadside by one of my co-workers. She sat at the office about five minutes until I realized that in my heart she already belonged to me. She was a great yard dog and a great house dog. We think she was part Shetland Terrier, and part something else. :P

She adopted a cat from across the street. Actually, her herding instinct was so strong that she spent hours just wrangling the kittens back into their yard. Pun'kin, the kitten of choice, ended up in our yard. For years, the two would perform for company. Pun'kin would stroll into the middle of the room and Gloria would pounce on her and start that little nibbling business around her neck. Pun'kin would go limp and enjoy the careful grooming. Company of course, would think the dog had attacked the cat right there in front of us as my wife and I continued our conversation nonchalantly.

Gloria would bark at her bad dreams sometimes in the middle of the night. She died under the house a few years ago.
berner mom
2007-10-03 11:58:30 UTC
I got her from a very good/reputable breeder after doing a lot of research on the bred and the breeders.

She is a Bernese Mountain Dog

Her name is Gotcha because it took me 12 yrs to get her. Her AKC name I Finally 'Gotcha'

For a big dog, she has surprised me with her love for working in Obedience, Rally and Agility. I have had her in the ring 7 times and has won ribbons and placed 6 times. The only time she didn't get a ribbon it was my 1st time in and I had newbie jitters..
Mrs. Smith
2007-10-03 11:54:14 UTC
My son found some abandoned puppies almost eight years ago (February). He felt bad for them and convinced me to "adopt" a couple. I am so happy he did. One, we found a home for and the other is without a doubt the best dog I have EVER had (and my family and I have been parents to many great dogs).

His name is Reiko and he is an Israeli Canaan. (Don't ask me what he was doing out there).

Instead of asking him to roll over or play dead, we ask him "Would you rather be married or dead?" and he rolls over and plays dead :O). Then, if we ask him to "go to the room and close the door", he goes to the main bedroom and closes the door behind him. How am I not just going to adore him? Even his snoring is endearing to me :o).

We also have a stray we picked up about a year back after my son almost ran him over. He is as cute as a button, but the poor baby is dumb as they come - lol. It has taken a year for him to learn to lay down and 'stay' when told, and we have some problems with marking which we are working through.

P.S. BIG thumbs-up to all the rescuers and foster-care-givers. Thanks for what you do!
2007-10-03 11:54:52 UTC
My Dog Is a Keeshond named Pepper, That was her name when we got her from the Humane Society.

She loves to go for walks and get treats, but hates to be groomed. Pepper has a constant shake in her back legs when she feels an extreme emotion(excited, scared, happy) I love her so much.

She doesnt go potty in the house but one time my hsuband and I were fighting really bad and she peed on our bed! We never gfight now and got a new bed..
2007-10-03 13:55:17 UTC
I have a beagle/basset 3 month old male puppy.

His name is Draxxus but sometimes called Drax. We came upon this name because my fiancee plays paintball and he was saying different names and I liked this one.

I got him from a guy who had apoted his mother and then found out she was pregnant.

He is a funny little guy and thinks everyone and every animal should play with him, this also means the cats that he lives with. He also loves to sleep on pillows be up right next to you and loves his carrots (for teething, they work wonders.)
2007-10-03 12:12:26 UTC
I rescued my dog (Boston Terrier) from a woman who could not take care of him. He is the sweetest, best friend in the world.

His name was Brutus but she called him Bruty and we now call him Rudy.

No crazy stories, he is just a great dog with quite a personality!
2007-10-03 11:51:08 UTC
My 2 dogs are beagle mixes (Bailey & Kaluha). They are both shelter pups. After I got Bailey and was ready for another dog, I found the same mix since I couldn't ask for a better dog than Bailey. When I first got Kaluha, Bailey took to her like she was her own pup. She would follow her everywhere, check on her while she was sleeping, etc. Since I first have them sleep in their crate and once they are old enough not to destroy everything let them roam at night, Bailey would sleep in front of Kaluha's crate watching her at night.

Most adorable thing ever!!!
2007-10-03 13:45:41 UTC
I got my dog from a nice lady.

and we just wanted a dog:)

It's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:)

Her name is Brúney and it's a more of a Icelandic name.

Brún means Brown, cuz she's white and brown and she has more brown than most her kind.

Once I had a cat and her at the same time and they were in the garden playing.. so cute:) she was only a puppy and my cat was much older.

They were just playing like bestest of friends:)

and had two birds too, Brúney was messing with them more than the cat.

love them all!:)

my cat is in cat heaven now, god bless her.

and one of my birds are in bird heaven, the other one is with my aunt:)

god bless them all(L)

love them all so much(L)
2007-10-03 13:29:54 UTC
My black lab came from the spca. I chose her because she was about the only one that wasn't barking its head off. I didn't really know she was a 'lab,' I just wanted a sweet dog. My husband named her Jackie because he wanted to name our next critter after Jack Nicklaus, but since she's a girl, she became Jackie. Nicole. I'm afraid our next one is going to be Arnie.

She is a complete goof, very crazy, and so much fun to have around.
2007-10-03 11:54:15 UTC
I have three-

A rescued weimeramer named Ani (short for Animale because she was a menace when we got her) I got her because one of my employees was working at her prior owners house where she was kept in a pen all day everyday, and he taled me in to going to see her- of course I came home with her. We had her about a month and had to have emergency surgery done to remove an intestinal obstruction- it was a piece of a statue that I had never seen-

I have a Dogue de Bordeaux that came to me cross country from Washington- I got him from the same breeder I got my last DDB from. His name is Riverbend's Bonaparte (Bo) cause it was the only french sounding name the family could agree on that didn't sound all froufrou. He loves to go camping with us, and at 122 lbs, he takes half of the tent for himself- last time we took him camping, a raccoon took his whole bag of food during the night and ate it all, so Bo had to eat pancakes for breakfast!

I also have a shihtzu named Porkchop, he was inherited from my mother in law- he has no good stories- he is satan in fur.
Rachel-Pit Police-DSMG
2007-10-03 11:49:36 UTC
I got all three of my dogs (Rocco, Stella, and Kaleb) from the rescue I volunteer with. Rocco and Stella (littermates) are both APBTs, and Kaleb is an APBT/Staffie mix.

And I have far too many Laugh-out-loud anecdotes about these three goofballs to write here. But for a short one, Kaleb pantsed me in front of the mailman once.
2007-10-03 11:50:36 UTC
Kai, Doberman from rescue because I always have at least one rescue dog in the house all the time.

Morgen, weimaraner, from a breeder who bred this litter from his SH titled female to a MH titled male. I wanted a hunting dog.

Blue, weimaraner, from a breeder who had both parents and worked both dogs in the field.

Last year Mogen and Blue were out hunting and we shot one bird and both dogs went out to bring it back. Both dogs came back each with one bird. Margens bird was not dead and had not been shot. It was one she caught on her own. It was HER bird. She is a good hunter.
Professional in FL
2007-10-03 11:48:53 UTC
Got a boxer from a breeder/shower in Georgia. Health tested parents, responsibly bred, lifetime genetic health guarantee in writing, reasonable price.

Chloe - because she is mousy like the character Chloe in the series "24" - but can kick a$$ if she needs to!

She can rip through our screen enclosure to try to catch the neighbors geese in 3 minutes flat!

See pics here:
2007-10-03 11:54:31 UTC
Got my puppy from the newspaper she is a silky terrier. And her name is Arabella. I call her that because if you have ever seen the Prince and Me the Prince's little sisters name is Arabella. And my puppy looks like a princess so there you go. And when you say biscuit she starts dancing. She is so cute when she does it.

2007-10-03 12:08:19 UTC
i got my dog from a breeder near where i live Cali.

She is a Rust color Min Pin.

her name is Lana becase Iam a huge fan of the show Smallville cuz i like Superman alot and the girl whom he like is called Lana.

when i got her i had a pit bull, every one thouhgt that he would bit her or worst kill her or somthing. but he didn't cuz i raised him right and he was the harmless pit bull aournd. he would keep her warm and let her have all the best toys, they were like soul mates it was cute. there was one time when we were playing tug of war with the pit on one side and Lana on the other but i was holding the rope on lana side but she thought she was wining to the pitt it was funny.
2007-10-03 11:50:44 UTC
I got my dog from a friend. He is a lab. His name is Buddy.My family named him. He loves to steal things from other people's yards. Recently I have went in the yard to find vegetables from the neighbors gardens, shoes, cans, bottles, footballs, and newspapers. He is well known around the neighborhood, everyone loves him. They just have to hide their stuff from him. lol!
2007-10-03 12:34:45 UTC
a little over 2 years ago a little black dog that looked like a bat wandered into my yard and hed been hanging around for a few days, he didnt like men and was just the ugliest little thing you ever seen in your life. (lol sorry bear...we naed him that because we had to have SOMEthing to call him basically lol my daughter named him) but i went outside one day after hed been here almost a week since he didnt seem to be going anyplace and he came running over to where i was and just put his paws gently up on my leg and looked at me like...well?? are you gonna pet me or what??..or can you resist something like that??? hes been sleeping in my bed ever since, and has finally made up with my husband and my dad and became a great little dog.

my shih tzu who is now a year and a half...her name is daughters choice. we got her when she was about the size of a guinnie pig ..about 6 weeks id guess, her owners had both parents and bred them and left them to live in deplorable nasty conditions and only fed them half the time, the owners were related to my aunt and uncle in ohio, and my cousins called the humane society on them for keeping the 2 adults in a single pet carrier day in and day out, and the puppies were thrown in a cornbin and left there, never got out to run and play...nothing...anyway they ended up "liberating" my puppy and bringing it to me before the humane society ever showed up, then they took the rest away to find homes. and she has turned out to be a real sweetheart..even if she does have a little demon in her at times lol.
2007-10-03 11:49:38 UTC
From a home-breeder, because the dogs were ADORABLE!

His name's Mr. Bubba, and we call him "Bo" or "Bubba"

A good story-hmm... Are none. He behaves like PERFECTLY! (except when he nips - playfully o' course)
2007-10-03 12:09:24 UTC
where- my aunt and uncle had him and when they moved to their apartment they couldn't have pets. we were only suppose to be watching him untill they could take him back again, but i got so attached to him i told them i was keepin him...they were ok with it.

breed- beagle, but you know how beagles are usually skinny...oh not this one he's my fat boy! he's spoiled

name- Porterhouse but we call him porter. that's the name my aunt and uncle gave him, it fits him. he just looks like a porter.

he is too fat to reach his butt to scratch it, so when he goes outside he will rub his butt on the gate. he gets so into it he starts moaning. it's so funny we will be outside and he'll start doing it and we'll all sit and watch, but if he sees you watching him he'll stop and just stare at you. i think he gets embarrassed. i love him :)
2007-10-03 11:58:28 UTC
from a shelter because I like saving lives.

his name skipper chance.
2007-10-03 14:24:45 UTC
woah everybody's answers are really long.... dont have a dog and never will prolly.......... lolzz
2007-10-03 12:27:57 UTC
God was always there.... He wasnt begotten... Shame on you....

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